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Finding A Cure for Mitochondrial Diseases


Mitochondria are essentially the power plants of each of our cells, generating the majority of all the energy we derive from food. These organelles contain their own DNA (mtDNA), and an increasing number of diverse pathologies are being ascribed to mutations in this mtDNA. At present, no cure exists for any of these. In addition, it is postulated that mitochondrial dysfunction plays a significant role in the aging process. Cures to mitochondrial diseases, if discovered, would be an ideal seagway to testing the efficacy of the mitochondrial hypothesis of aging, and hopefully also to the development of efficacious life-extension therapies. That is, a central part of getting old might be mitochondria malfunctioning, and if we can discover how to fix this in people afflicted with mitochondrial diseases, then we may readily apply the same techniques to significantly extend the vitality and length of life in the healthy aging population.

Contemporary scientific theory and experimentation suggest that cures for these diseases are possible and may be close on the horizon. It is hopeful that these cures will be achieved and their attainment expedited by greater public education and scientific research geared toward cures rather than pallative treatment.

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